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Re: /etc/mk.conf and SKIPDIR

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 11:09:09PM +0100, Sigfred Håversen wrote:
> However, I'm using Subversion as a replacement of Visual Sourcesafe on an 
> internal server, and the 'make build' overwrite the httpd 2.0 that Subversion 
> depends upon.

I think you're doing this wrongly. If you are adding stuff to your
system, it should go in /usr/local, right? `make build' will not touch
anything in there. You could ask on ports@ (but search archives first) if
there is a `correct' way of adding httpd 2.

> The mk.conf only contains SKIPDIR as above. There is no whitespace in 
> 'SKIPDIR=usr.sbin/httpd'. Something I missed to do?

I guess if you are changing the make build process, you are pretty much
on your own, especially with non-trivial stuff. Maybe something else
needs that apache stuff...

`make -V SKIPDIR' will tell you if SKIPDIR is what you think it is.

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