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Re: Can OpenBSD print?

Quoting Duane A. Damiano (dadamia_(_at_)_toad_(_dot_)_net):
> Everything seems to work well except that I can't figure out how to
> make my printer work.  The printer is an HP 694C DeskJet.  There is no
> hardware problem because Linux prints just fine.

Can you throw ASCII at the printer and have it come out?
lpr does fine at that for basics.

Are you generating PS and needing to tranlate that for a non-PS printer?
Does it only take PS and you're sending it ASCII?

It is ON /dev/lpt0 at all?

This is basic printcap and lpr.  It's been a part of Unix
since 1981.  Painfully unchanged.

Evi Nemeths "must own" book for system admins covers lpr quite

LPRng and CUPS address issues that can arise when you have
40 printers and 400 machines.  Or printers that require special
language handling and a generic interface to them.

But I'm guessing that your device my be wrong :)