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Re: Experiencing problems with sendmail

Try comp.mail.sendmail for better answers to generic sendmail
questions like this.

Quoting J.A. Bal (j_(_dot_)_a_(_dot_)_bal_(_dot_)_1_(_at_)_student_(_dot_)_rug_(_dot_)_nl):
> Dear reader,
> I've been trying out OpenBSD v 3.3 for a while now, but am experiencing
> difficulties with the sendmail deamon. When I send a message to
> user_(_at_)_192_(_dot_)_168_(_dot_)_1_(_dot_)_1 user is able to receive mail. When I send a message to
> user_(_at_)_domain_(_dot_)_com though, mail doesn't arrive. If i do the latter thing while
> beeing logged in as root, i get a message that relaying for domain.com has
> been denied. Reading the FAQ's i decided to create relay-domains. I learned by
> experience that this does something else: "mail loops back to me". My ISP
> asked me if mail to the domain should be handled by mx.domain.com. The problem
> is that i can not find mx in the OpenBSD documentation. The only thing i found
> out was that mx had been replaced by dc when upgrading to v. 2.7. I can't find
> dc on my v3.3 system as well.
> What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me on this, or can someone explain to
> me how BSD handles it's mail?
> Thank you all!
> Jasper

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