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ipless bridge and altq


I'm wondering if this can be done. After talking with a few knowledgeable people on various irc channels.. they lead me to believe that this is unstable and unreliable at best. (using 3.4 not -current)

I'm looking to do this on a 3mb (ethernet) segment for 25-30 different customers. Looking at using a dual intel 10/100 card for the bridge and a different nic as the management interface. And as stated I would like to make pf control bandwidth and filter packets on this ip-less bridge.

P3 600, 384M of ram.

I currently have a sample test box with FreeBSD 4.x, ipfw2 with dummynet and ipf for packet filtering, and it's 'sorta' doing the job. I'm hoping I can tailor the rules more using PF.

I thank you for taking the time to read this message.


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