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Netgear MA311 - WLAN / hostap mode


I'd like to report some of my experiences/problems with the Netgear MA311 PCI WLAN adapter under OpenBSD. As client I used an Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card under PocketPC 2002 [some of my problems could be caused by this OS]. Currently I'm working with this setting in /etc/hostname.wi0:
up nwid MyAP nwkey 0x"a hexadecimal number..." mediaopt hostap
!wicontrol wi0 -T 1 -e 1 -A 1 -f 11 -t 11

- The MA311 is not listed yet in the OpenBSD compatibility list. Why?
- I've tried different firmwares for the MA311 Prism chipset. The newest one (1.74) didn't work at all. I had no problems with the other firmware versions (1.36, 1.49, 1.56). Currently I'm using 1.56.
- Not all frequencies did work without problems, i.e. I can't use channel 3 (wicontrol -f 3), but channel 11 ist working fine. When using channel 3 connecting to the AP doesn't always work (weird behaviour - the connection quality itself is excellent if connecting succeeds). Is there an explanation for this issue?
- power managment. When using power managment (wicontrol -P 1) I have problems getting responses from my DNS properly. This issue was resolved by deactivating power management on the MA311 AND the Orinoco card.
- it seems that DS11 doesn't work (wicontrol -t 11). ifconfig -a shows
media: IEEE802.11 DS11 hostap
but wicontrol shows
TX rate (selection): [ 11 ]
TX rate (actual speed): [ 2 ]
Shouldn't a 802.11b card be capable of 11Mbit/s according to the specification? (netgear support doesn't answer...)
- is "wicontrol -A 3" (104bit wep) not supported by the hardware or is this an OpenBSD issue?

thx in advance for proposals, solutions and explanations,