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mysql seg fault

I'm running mysql from ports on a 3.4-stable machine and it segmentation faults when I run a certain kind of query. I have the core dump but don't know how to analyze it.

essentially my query is select * from table1, table2 where (table1.col1 and table2.col1) != "20031203162254") ;
I don't think there is anything wrong with the query, as I would expect to get a syntax error if that were the case.
Strangely, when I run the following query (which should be equivalent right?) i get a null set returned almost instantly:
select * from table1, table2 where ((table1.col1 != "20031203162254") and (table2.col1 != "20031203162254"));

The tables arent very big, about 10 columns and 8000 rows in one, and 4 cols and 8000 rows in the other. I'm a newbie to mysql and am pretty rusty with my database skills, but I don't think this is my fault.

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