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openoffice under openBSD


I have some problems to install openoffice on openBSD properly, although i have tried several HowTos like the most popular from Craig Barraclough with the OpenOffice 1.1.0rc3, but when i followed these instructions, it seems that the ./install script with the advised changes does run without problems. 

The output was:

$Installation starting, please be patient ...
$glibc version: 2.3.2
$Initializing installation program....................
$Installation Completed

but when i looked for the directory where the package should have been installed /usr/local/openoffice it does not exist at all.

Now a few further informations:

-I activated the kernel option for compat_linux and followed the instructions to install the environment. I also installed all libs and tried it successfully with acrobate Reader.

I am totally frustrated, because I tried this installation for several days now and cant find the mistake i must have made.

Thanks for help


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