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-current boot and a gdt controller

small issue with booting ;)

i've got a gdt8514rz controller configured with one host drive.
when the boot floppy or iso starts probing, it halts after "fd0"
and never goes any futher. i've played with different "host" drives
in the gdt bios, coming down to a bare 1 physical disk configured
as the host disk still does get me past the probe. the bios sees
one disk. if i remove the host drive (no disks reported to the
bios), boot goes ahead boots, but no disks.

i've tried 3.3/3.4/-current (nov 1) boot disks without luck.

as i was writing this, i determined that i have the same issue with
two other i386 motherboards.

anyone have issues similar, or am i on my own?..