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Re: OpenBSD and Java Development Enviroments

On Nov 28, 2003, at 1:37 PM, Wade Renn wrote:

I was thinking of putting OpenBSD on my laptop but I'm curious if
JBuilder or Eclipse will work with OpenBSD?  My experience with OpenBSD
is limited to using OpenBSD as a firewall.  I've done some research on
the topic but I haven't found anything definitive.  If anyone has any
helpful comments or tips I would appreciate it.

I tried to make JBuilder7 work on OpenBSD, but it was sub-optimal.
I basically copied the JBuilder tree from a linux box to get it to
work. Java on oBSD is weak though and a lot of GUI details need improving.

I haven't tried eclipse, so I would be interested in other's success
as well.

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