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mail traffic thru firewall problem

Hi all

I'm stumped on something that is probably very simple...but I'm not
getting it (even after reading Absolute OpenBSD and dozens of man
pages...and googling a bunch)! Running obsd 3.4 as a dsl gateway-fw,
everything is working (www and ftp-proxy traffic, port rdr's, are flowing
nicely) except mail. From watching the fetchmail log on a local mail
client, it appears that communications switch from POP to SMTP at the
point where messages are actually downloaded, and this is where I have a
problem. I can telnet into my isp's mail server, LIST mail fine, but as
soon as I (or fetchmail) send a RETR, the connection hangs there. If I
patch my store-bought router/fw back in, mail flows fine, so the
client/server components are fully-functional.

There was no explicit pf rule to allow ports 110 and/or 25 on the
firewall, so I figured I'd see the blocked part of mail transactions show
up in pflog0, but they don't show. ("block in log all" is set).

I tried to add this:

pass in log on $ext_if proto tcp from $pop_servers to $ext_if port { 25,
110 } keep state

but still same problem.
Any hints?


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