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How much RAM is too much?

It has been written a couple of times on this mailing list that due to
the way OpenBSD deals with memory, it'd be wise only to have as much RAM
in your computer as is needed. This is due to overhead in how the kernel
manages things (at least this is my understanding; hard topic to search

My problem is, I'm running various server processes that have the
ability to use as much or little RAM as cache as they're allowed
(Postgres, MySQL, IonCube, disk cache etc). So, it seems to make sense
to put in the 4 gig max, and then use it all as cache for various
things. However I'm unclear as to how the above problem would come into
play here.

While I'm not sure how the servers I listed would benefit from more
cache, I know MySQL definitely could use more cache, but as it is I'm
borderline swapping with my 512Megs (not because of MySQL but because of
other applications).

So, I guess the question is, what will I see happen if I put in 2 to 4
gigs of RAM?

Any help would be appreciated.


Chris Cameron
UpNIX Internet Administrator

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