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Re: Security for mail on the road

it was myself having the problems. In any case, if you have the time to give also a try with Bill's HOWTO I'm more than happy to contribute with my little but unfortunately, unsuccessful experience. Could well be that I was doing something wrong and couldn't figure it out!

William Ahern wrote:
On Sun, Aug 31, 2003 at 02:36:31PM -0400, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

8.12 lets you be sure that you're using TLS before it does the
SMTP-AUTH (there's no mandate of order - TLS before auth - in the
RFCs), so you could use cleartext passwds safely.

Ideally, you'd generate CERTs for the laptop and use that trusted/
known certificate for proof that it's you.

I don't know where setup of that is documented.


I posted a HOWTO a week or so ago. Somebody else was having
trouble w/ the instructions. Check the archives. Maybe somebody
else can go through it and find the spot 'causing trouble.
Though, follow the instructions *before* you do any of the SASL
stuff. I've never used SASL, 'cause the TLS authentication was easier
to setup and so I don't know how/whether SASL configuration could
effect my TLS authentication instructions.

- Bill