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url change needed for current spamd.conf

Apologies but the URL I had recommended for plain text version
of spamhaus has gone away and they only have bz2 version at that url.

This probably happened about a week ago, I noticed a older 3.3 version
complaining and doing a core when trying to read the http which
was a 404 error page... the currents just keep going and ignored.

I mention this for those of you using current, you'll have to
do something else for spamhaus.  And someone with privileges may want
to comment it out in the current source.

Like others I have setup a cronjob to curl or wget or however
the source file, save locally and uncompress, and then have spamd-setup 
use file method or http if on local web server.

excerpt from

        :msg="SPAM. Your address %A is in the Spamhaus Block List\n\
        See http://www.spamhaus.org/sbl for more details":\