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Re: Daily insecurity output

On Fri, Aug 29, 2003 at 03:37:27PM +0200, Andrea Riela wrote:

> usr/local: 
> 	permissions (0755, 02755)
> usr/local/bin: 
> 	permissions (0755, 02755)

  someone asked this before and iirc, the response had something
  to do with mknod(8), but i am probably not remembering well.
  the 02000 is a setgid bit, so you might want to 'chmod g-s' 
  in those dirs.  i am not the most qualified to answer for that
  one tho; but that is the first thing i'd try.

> usr/src: 
> 	type (dir, link)
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^, i have this too, as my /usr partition
  i made too small initially, so i have /usr/src as a symlink
  to a partition with more space and in /etc/mk.conf i have


  per mk.conf(5)

> 	gid (9, 0)
        ^^^^^^^^^^ this says it is currently group owned 'root'
  and would like to be 'wsrc'



[ openbsd 3.4-beta GENERIC ( aug 24 ) // i386 ]