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Re: Install just samba client?

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 11:55:43AM +1000, Damon McMahon wrote:

> I would like Wendolene to be able to message Windows clients on the subnet 
> using
> smbclient -M
> from the samba package, but due to space (primarily) and security issues I 
> do *not* want to install the entire samba package.

  you could untar:


  and it would work if your smb.conf pointed to a valid WINS server.
  ( you'll get gripes about missing codepages without the codepages
    from the tgz in /usr/local/lib/samba/codepages )

  if any of your windowses are able to provide WINS serverness, that
  would be the way to go( HDD space-wise ), probably.

  if its a bunch of unruly w95 machines, you'd likely be running
  at the very least nmbd; nor sure if nmbd will run w/o smbd also; 
  but smbclient -M <IPAddr> instead of smbclient -M <NetBIOS-Name> 
  from here at the moment is failing with "session request failed", 
  whereas w/<NetBIOS-Name> is succeeding ok with just the two files
  listed above present and accounted for ( because different machine
  is WINS server ).



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