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Re: sendmail + courier-imap + procmail

This is in response to various postings on the misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org mailing
list from March-April this year. A bit late I know but I just came
across it in the archives and I didn't see a definitive answer posted.

There is much confusion about procmail with Courier-IMAP in regard to
the "." (dot) before folder names and after spending much time trying to
sort it out I reached the following conclusions.

Procmail is not concerned about the "." before the folder name and will
happily create a maildir folder with or without the dot (someone already
pointed this out but I repeat it for the sake of clarity).

Courier (on the other hand) will only allow you to subscribe to folders
that are in Maildir format inside ~/Maildir AND that start with a "."

I ran into this while trying to implement spamassassin via procmail with

So my working .procmailrc which implements Spam filtering looks like

--- snip ---


# SpamAssassin and spamd rules
| spamc

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
--- snip ---

Which results in a Maildir/ like this:

--- snip ---
.Sent\ Items/
--- snip ---

Now you must go into your mail client and subscribe to the "spam" folder
if you want to see it under your INBOX so you can review it contents.

Hope this helps someone.

John Lange
204 791 6118

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