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hardware supported


	I was wondering if the following hardwares are supported.  I did 
have a careful look at the list.  Not everything here were listed.  Though 
its hard to belive these aren't supported at all.  These are so good 
they must sure be.  So if there is anybody running OpenBSD on these platforms 
please tell me.

VIA EPIA/ V/ M motherboards:
The Northbridge for these don't appear on the hardware list.  Only the 
Southbridge does.

VIA EDEN 8484/ ESP 5000 processor:
Its equivalent C3 processor was mentioned on the list.

VIA EDEN EBGA/ Nehemiah M10000 processor:
Again C3 was mentioned but not this.

	Also I'd like to what DSL modems work under OpenBSD.  I have been 
a victim of Windows only hardware twice with Windows printer and a Winmodem.  
For example does Netgear ADSL modem run without a fuss?  Which DSL modem 
do you recommend as Unix friendly?