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Re: Is spamd useful?

On Tue, Aug 26, 2003 at 12:17:16PM +0000, Alexander Farber wrote:
> Is spamd really that useful? Won't the spammers
> just adjust their programs (once the critical mass
> is reached) to close connections whenever they see
> "250 Hello, spam sender. "?

  i'm looking forward to using the '-n name' option of spamd
  to not make it look like it is a spamd but rather a
  ligit sendmail they've connected to.

  the comic "f'ck u" value of the 'pleased to be wasting your time'
  messages is indeed high, but the practical value of 
  server messages which are identical to the ones my
  mailserver actually spits out would seem to be higher.

  at that point, the only thing to differentiate a spamd
  from a sendmail ( or whatever ) would be the rate characters
  come back from it.

  1s per char seems a bit slow, and it seems to need
  integers (currently).  i'm wondering if it would be a good idea to 
  incorporate ( for example ) the "human style jitter" or
  whatever it is called from 'expect' ( ports/lang ), or something
  similar.  but then again, the cuteness of a more stuttery
  output from it along the tcp channel might be utterly 


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