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Re: forcing kernel to recognise USB modem, using config(8)? (now with dmesg)

I'm not convinced you have an actual modem vs a "winmodem" which
requires the computer to do work - much proprietary.

Hayes compatible just means it see "AT" commands.

I've been modem free for a while, but I *always* used external
modems (USR little boxes, Telebits, etc) back then and I now
have a PCMCIA modem kicking around for those rare occasions
I might need one.

Quoting Johannes Schoeoen (schoon_(_at_)_home_(_dot_)_se):
> On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Ted Unangst wrote:
> > On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Johannes Schoeoen wrote:
> >
> > > Since my last scream for help here, I have discovered the command usbdevs.
> > > Using that, while having the 'modem' connected, I manage to dig up to
> > > magic numbers that identifies(?) the 'modem'. The past hour, I have tried
> > > to replace some of the -1's for umodem* with those numbers and make myself
> > > special kernels that are hard-wired to recognise my particular modem.
> >
> > you want to fix this, if possible, in USB_MATCH(umodem) in umodem.c
> I hope I am not making a lot of people disappointed now, but I have snoped
> around inside umodem.c, and related files, for some two hours now, but I
> seem to be incapable of figuring out how/when/where a device is classified
> as a modem (or whatever). This makes my alarm bells ring "Hands Off, You
> Amateur Jerk!".
> Ted also notes that
> > there's no guarentee this will work.  i have a super cheap digital camera
> > that doesn't speak umass, and can only attach as ugen.  no amount of
> > tinkering to force attachment as umass will fix it.
> so I will go looking for another solution...
> Yours
> Johannes Sch??n

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