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MMS Virus Notification

A message containing your address was detected with a virus and was

Sender: <misc_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org> 
Recipient: <druginfo_(_at_)_cder_(_dot_)_fda_(_dot_)_gov> 
Subject: Re: Wicked screensaver 
Reason: Virus Scanner found the 
 W32/Sobig_(_dot_)_f_(_at_)_MM virus
   in the attached file: document_9446.pif

Many viruses can fake the sender and/or recipient. If you sent this
message, it is very important that you contact your computer support
help desk immediately.

If you did not send this message, then it is highly likely that your
address was used by a virus on another person's computer, and you are
receiving this message because an e-mail system detected and stopped the