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Re: decompilation of sendmail.cf

Welcome to being the post for "why you ALWAYS use an MC".

It's not QUITE as bad as "i've lost the source for
/bin/foo, how do I uncompile?" but it's not too far.

The sendmail.cf will have the FEATURES it was made with.  You will
make an mc file that's close, then you will build it with the SAME
VERSION of sendmail configs (sendmail/cf) as you had for that
sendmail.cf file.  So m4 your test.mc  (test.mc -> test.cf)  and
do diffs.

Make changes, repeat (or as the shampoo bottles say: Lather, rinse, repeat).

Until the diffs are effectively gone.

How do you plan for SpamAssassin to talk to sendmail?

Quoting Christer Solstrand Johannessen (csj_(_at_)_csj_(_dot_)_no):
> Alexander Farber wrote:
> > On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 07:16:12PM +1000, Christer Solstrand
> > Johannessen wrote:
> >>So, installation of SpamAssassin went fine, but then I need to add
> >>it to the sendmail configuration to have them talk to each other.
> >>Okay, no problem... except that my .mc file seems to not have made
> >>the last upgrade. Is there any way I can "decompile" my existing
> >>sendmail.cf and that way get the original .mc file(s)?
> >
> >Do you mean openbsd-*.mc in
> >http://www.openbsd.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/src/gnu/usr.sbin/sendmail/cf/cf/
> Well, no, not really. I copied one or more file(s) from there way
> back when and tweaked it a bit with a great deal of help from a
> friend of mine to enable certain settings, like virtusertable, 
> genericstable, access map and tls-support. Those tweaks were saved
> to a file in a "safe" location so they wouldn't get lost during an 
> upgrade. Though, that's just what happened, and I can't remember
> how we did it, and I need to add SpamAssassin to the mix...
> - Christer