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Some Newbie Questions

Many Thanks For All you gyus that reply to me :-D

I will study more OpenBSD, it seems that this OS is very stable and we don´t
have all the linux unsolved symbols when trying to compile new softwares :-)

My first impressions are that OpenBSD is more "static" them linux, I mean
that it has less changes on the same period of time them linux and all the
softwares have already by default the rigth place to be installed, and on
linux is very common to change the place where you install the softwares.
For example, the distribution that I use, SoL Linux has a design that every
thing has one directory, so every software is installed on one diferent
directory, and just the base software remaisn on /usr/bin, /bin, etc....

Thank You Again for Your Help
Marcus Renaud Milhomem

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