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Re: dynamic ip and a domain

At 07:41 AM 8/7/03, Dylan Smith wrote:

On Thursday 07 August 2003 12:17 pm, Gëzim wrote:
> Hi guys,
> My question is, is it
> possible to have my domain take the traffic to my
> dynamic IP (without me having to do it manually
> everytime my IP changes), and for the address bar to
> show my domain name?

Google for 'ez-ipupdate' - it's a tool that will automatically
update  your IP address and works with several dynamic dns
providers. The usual method for making a domain go to
a dyndns address is to put a CNAME record in your zone,
such as:

$ORIGIN bar.net.
www             86400 IN CNAME  foo.dyndns.org.

then keep foo.dyndns.org updated using ez-ipupdate.

Are there tools that would allow the entire package do be built "in-house", without dyndns.org?

We have a main server with static ip address, and a bunch of remote sites with dynamic ip addresses. Can I install ez-ipupdate (or something like it) on remote sites and configure them to update our main server instead of dyndns? If so what gets installed on main server to handle this?


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