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Re: Any chance a FireWire drive will work?

Quoting STeve Andre' (andres_(_at_)_msu_(_dot_)_edu):
> I have been sporadically using a LaCie FW drive, and it
> basically works.  I've not had the time to play with it a lot,
> but it was basically functional.  What I'm not sure of were
> "edge" conditions, like filling the disk up or running out of
> inodes, etc.
> Further investigations and reports on the success of using
> it would be a good thing, I think.

What's the mechanism on that?  Oxford chipset?  something
else?  Got a snippet of dmesg?

Also, I'd note that 60GB laptop drives are not too uncommon.  At
this point, stuff > than that is often not needed on the road and
can live on a server.  I've got 40GB of mp3s (not on obsd) which
is 17 days worth of music.  That's enough for hotel use.

The external drives can be a pain for regular laptop use - cumbersome,
need power, etc.  You're carrying around an IDE drive.  They are
faster than most laptop drives, great for backups, etc.