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Mail Access Protocols

I just installed my first OpenBSD server, and I'm
interested in making it a mail server.

I downloaded the imap-uw-2002.336 package and
installed it.  I noticed that it also comes with,
besides the imap daemon, a pop2 and pop3 server.  I
looked at inetd.conf and saw that there is already
popa3d daemon listed.  What's the difference between
popa3d and the uw pop3 daemons?  

Another question is that I installed the imapd and put
it into inetd.  I then telnetted to localhost port 143
and tested to make sure that it installed and was
configured correctly.  I put in my user name a
password, but it would not let me log in.  Do I need
the other services provided by the uw-imap package? 
Do I need to configure something else to get the imap
daemon working correctly?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can


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