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xdm problem i386

Hi folks,
I have set up another box, and cannot get xdm to work.  I am using 3.2. 
startx works fine, so the config seems ok.  When starting xdm, an X
window comes up, but the login never arrives.  Then the screen goes blank
and I am dumped at the empty tty (currently ttyC4).  In /etc/ttys, ttyC4
is the first one marked "off" except the console, and
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm/Xservers is set to vt05.  I ran 3.2 with no
problems on my laptop on my old job, and at home I have a 3.0 box running
xdm with no problem.  I tried to copying the ttys file from the 3.0 box,
but that also fails.  It is starting to look like an xdm problem, and not
a ttys issue.  Should I force some settings on xdm at the command line? 
I have tried -nodaemon as well.  It shouldn't matter, but I have an ATI
rage128 pro TF.  I am sending this from Lynx in X on this machine, so
there don't seem to be any XFree issues.
Also, I am using /etc/X11/XF86Config as a symlink to
/usr/X11R6...XF86Config FYI.
I have had problems before, but setting ttys always solved it.  I have
searched the archives and printed out some things that I have tried.
I am also having trouble launching xdm at home on my mac68k using 3.0... 
Fishing for help with it too...

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