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An artwork suggestion

To all and sundry,

Searching through the archives didn't turnup any info.
with regards to suggestions for OBSD artwork.  So, if
you'll indulge me, I'd like to suggest one here.  

My suggestion is somewhat along the lines of the Eddie
'The Trooper' poster from Iron Maiden.  For those of
you too young (or not into that type of music) to know
what I'm talking about, here's a site with the poster:


Then click on 'Posters', then 'The Trooper'.

Now, Eddie is usually depicted as being angry, so the
OBSD blowfish would have to tone that down.  And the
blood-dripping sword would also be a bit much, but the
general context could be imported (in a more general
and cartoonish way) for the OBSD artwork.

I also was thinking that the Iron Maiden 'Aces High'
poster would be a good OBSD scene (I don't have a link
to show that one), but that's already kinda been done
with the 2.7 artwork (only in a first person context).

Just my two-cent suggestion.


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