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Re: Pb with aol mail serveurs

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 11:42:09AM +0200, LOYET Jerome wrote:
> 1- At time I've configured My sendmail server, Aol put me in a  black list.
> BEcause I've tried my first conf with an open relaying mode conf (It has
> been alive for 1 or 2 hours max).

That's enough time for spammers to find and abuse it, if you're unlucky.
I get a handful of relay probes per day, and very few of them are from
the big sites I expect to be doing probes.

> 2- My FAI doesn't give me a Reverse DNS. So if I ping
> http://www.mydomain.com I got a correct response, But if I try to find the
> hostname associated with my IP, I get "
> ALyon-209-1-2-18.w193-253.abo.wanadoo.fr". And the AOL mail server verify
> the Reverse DNS. .... So I'm out ...

This is probably why: You're on a dynamic IP range in a domain
(*.abo.wanadoo.fr) that from my sample of bounced spam, is the largest
single domain source of spam, and ranks about fifth in countries.
(China, Korea, US, and Brazil try to send more spam to my users than
France, by failed attempt.) AOL has been closing down mail access from
ranges of dynamic IPs. You will likely have to either change ISPs or at
least upgrade your service level to have reverse DNS.

> 3- I got a problem with my configuration of Sendmail ....

Unlikely, as long as you've got that open relay closed.

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