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Re: dynamic ip and a domain

On Thu, 2003-08-07 at 13:17, Gëzim Hoxha wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've got a dynamic IP and I run a web server (I also
> use dynamic dns). I bought a domain name and I use
> zoneedit.com as my dns server. My question is, is it
> possible to have my domain take the traffic to my
> dynamic IP (without me having to do it manually
> everytime my IP changes), and for the address bar to
> show my domain name?

Depends on your Domainname-Provider. Mine gives me the ability to create
an alias eg. foo.bar.com to foo.dyndns.org. CNAME or ALIAS im not fully
into this stuff. 
All I need to do is a little apache tweaking. Define a virtualhost entry
based on IP and use a placeholder in your config (best in a template
file). Everytime you reconnect, parse your config file for the
placeholder, replace it with your current ip and reload apache with the
resulting configfile. Works fine for me.