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booting OpenBSD 3.3 with GRUB 0.93

I'm trying to dual-boot a system between OpenBSD 3.3 and Red Hat Linux
10 Beta 1 (Severn).  So far my attempts to come up with a working grub.conf
file have come up lacking.  Has anyone out there successfully done
this, or am I venturing deep into uncharted waters?

The simple grub.conf (as suggested in the grub info file)
	root (hd0,a)
	boot /bsd
causes BSD to panic saying that the bootloader is old, so I suspect
some grub hacking is needed.  And I'd guess it'll need new hacking for
OpenBSD 3.4, since the executable file format changed, too.

Anyone have any suggestions, besides the obvious (buy removable drive
carriers, install each OS on a separate disk, swap disks to change

			-- JF