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Re: attn: Chuck Yerks

Quoting Marcus Watts (mdw_(_at_)_umich_(_dot_)_edu):
> kronic_bsd <kronic_bsd_(_at_)_fastmail_(_dot_)_fm> writes:
> > Did you ever publish "webify" The following:
> > 
> > http://www.monkey.org/openbsd/archive/misc/0306/msg00035.html
> > I am revisiting this "tiny openbsd" idea and was wondering if you had any i
nfo about creating small versions for firewalling and routing etc...
> > 
> > 
> It's hard to buy drives small enough today that spending time
> figuring out which files to delete is going to help.

Not in CF land.  8MB "drives" are easy to find.  But 32MB is
also easy and it's not too hard to get BSD to fit on that.
Hell, without sources, I got SunOS 4 down to 55MB and that
was running lots and lots of stuff.

You can immediately kill /usr/lib/lib*.a, /usr/include and
then be more modest in /usr/(bin|sbin) and /(bin|sbin).

I keep an image of what my soekris has as simple empty files.
It's usually in a tarball (very small being empty).  Untar into
$HOME/build/soekris-030531 (last may31)
and I have:
bin/cat bin/ed  and so forth.
sbin/brconfig ...etc.

If I build a fresh openbsd (or install from snaps) into /usr/BUILD/
rsync -av --existing /usr/BUILD/ $HOME/build/soekris-030531/

I get all the empty files replaced with real ones.
lib wants to be run through by hand (new versions and all that).
And zero len files are likely removed from the distrib (kerberos
chunks and various diffs).  And boot blocks are hand done since
the BIOS never gets the CHS geometry right.

Oh, and files in /etc/ need to be maintained.  cfengine is a
lovely tool for this, but so is CVS.

Given how often I don't build a new image, it's not terribly

I should crunchgen lots of this, but I'm generally using 64MB flashes
and putting on less than half of that.

I *am* intrigued by m0n0wall and it's use of a smart php (smaller
than perl generally) using it from the CLI and from thttpd. Keeping
various config information in parsable XML for web presentation and
management and then XSLT'ing it into the end file is interesting to

inetd.conf.xml -> inetd.conf
hostname.$IF.xml -> hostname.$IF