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Re: Printing to DeskJet 845c

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 08:49:00AM -0500, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:
> I have an HP Deskjet 845c that I am trying to print to in OpenBSD.  I am
> running an iBook with OpenBSD 3.3 stable.  The printer is recognized
> under ulpt0, but I do not believe it is a post-script printer, or if it
> is, I must be doing something wrong.
... the printer has an available PPD to use with cups.

> Another option, which I know would work, is CUPS, but I can't find cups
> in the ports.  I don't think I can use ports.  If I could I would rather
> learn how to do it through the standard method as well.
... Lazy me would use cups. You can find an unofficial port of the
latest stable version of cups made by Jacob Meuser here:

Otherwise you can always install from source. it is pretty

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