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Printing to DeskJet 845c

I have an HP Deskjet 845c that I am trying to print to in OpenBSD.  I am
running an iBook with OpenBSD 3.3 stable.  The printer is recognized
under ulpt0, but I do not believe it is a post-script printer, or if it
is, I must be doing something wrong.

I also have a HP Deskjet 952 or something like that, and it is a
Post-script computer and I can print to it, but my question is how would
I go about printing to a printer that isn't postscript, or how do I go
about finding out if it is PS?

Someone told me that I would need to set up a filter that I would set up
in printcap that would filter all documents to the printer and make them
printer-readable.  But I am not sure where to start with that, and where
the best place to find those filters are.

Another option, which I know would work, is CUPS, but I can't find cups
in the ports.  I don't think I can use ports.  If I could I would rather
learn how to do it through the standard method as well.

I tried printing a sample ps and text document to it, and both simply
printed out one page with an h, and then began feeding some blank pages

Can someone point me in the right direction or using these or tell me
how I would set this up?


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