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Re: nVidia releases Linux display driver

> Even if they say so, this does not make it legal.
> Clean room reverse engineering is always legal.  But I bet many on
> this list don't know what clean room means.  And even then, could not
> participate in it.  So I don't know why I am bothering to say so.

Just to enlighten those who, like me, did not know what you meant by

Reverse-engineered software is said to be Clean-Room
Reverse-Engineered if its creators avoid directly examining the
software that is emulated. This can be done by using published
specifications and test programs. Using clean-room reverse-engineering
prevents the developers from including pieces of the software to be
emulated in the emulated software. It does not prevent the developers
from infringing on patents or infringing on look-and-feel copyrights.

from http://www.ardi.com/reveng.php

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