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FYI - security fasteners for your rack.

FYI -  on racks, button head torx screws work well.

While ordering/choosing your rack, check the size/thread of the
holes because you may want to also get some security fasteners,
instead of the phillips/cross tip screws that
may come with the rack.

Do this to make it a little more inconvenient for theft....

In boxes of 100 the prices look good for the
torx tamper resistant button head screws from Tanner Bolt:
phone 800-456-2658 or 718-434-4500  Brooklynm NY NY.

For example if your rack uses 10-24 screws (the bigger coarser one)
The catalog says
10C50MBTDZ     10-24 X 1/2"  driver size T-25  box/qty 100 price/100
on page 3 of 20 on the pdf

Don't forget, you will need a special screwdriver, Torx T-25
on page 15 of 20 on the pdf.

btw,  similar screws are on many of the telecom demarcation boxes
commonly seen on the side of homes...

Note your rack might use different size screw and thread.

....  security = 1/convenience  !

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