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Re: Timezones driving me crazy - 3.3-STABLE, i386

> Just a guess. Are you running Apache chrooted? (Don't think so cause
> you would have also need a /var/www/tmp and maybe some other binaries
> also.)

Yes, I am running chrooted.  I did have to add a /var/www/tmp, but that
was all.  Otherwise, it ran out of the box.  AFAIK, the tmp directory
was necessary for the PHP session stuff (and probably attachments, but
I haven't had to deal with them).

> Squirrelmail supports per user timezone which means it probably
> calls tzset early on wheter you need it or not.
> Or in other words, squirrelmail might need a /var/www/etc/etc/localtime
> timezone file and a /var/www/usr/share/zoneinfo directory to work
> properly.

Good catch, but I did try adding a /var/www/etc/localtime as well.  This
didn't have any affect.  :/



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