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Re: sendmail resolution problem?

--- Claus Assmann <ca+OpenBSD_misc_(_at_)_zardoc_(_dot_)_endmail_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
>On Sat, Jul 26, 2003, Rodney Hopkins wrote:
>[please use less than 80 chars per line]
>> I've set up the /etc/mail/service.switch file which contains: hosts
>> files dns
>> In order to force sendmail to look in the local /etc/hosts file
>> before resorting to DNS.
>Quoting the fine documentation (op.*)
>           Notice: since sendmail must access MX records for
>      correct operation, it will use DNS if it is configured
>      in the ServiceSwitchFile file.  Hence an entry like
>          hosts     files dns
>      will not avoid DNS lookups even if a host can be found
>      in /etc/hosts.
>> I've put an entry in /etc/hosts that gives the internal IP address
>> of the mail server I want the messages to end up on as well as the
>> FQDN of the internal mail host.
>Use a mailertable entry, see cf/README.

Thanks, Claus.

That's exactly what I needed.

I got so caught up in the DNS thing I didn't even consider solving the
problem with a mailertable.

Thanks again!

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