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printer related crash

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I'm seeing a weird crash and before I start poking around inside my
machine I thought I'd just try to check the software end of the problem
in case there were any known issues associated with it.

Briefly, my network is a headless OpenBSD server (P200/128M/18G) which
is my mail / everything machine and my "work" machine running Mac OSX
10.2, which has a MUA etc on it for all that graphical stuff.

The problem is that every time I try to print over IP to my server
(which has an HP LJ 6MP plugged into the parallel port), the server
reboots instantly. I realise this looks like a hardware issue but tell
me - are there any known problems with OpenBSD 3.3 printing which may
cause this behaviour?

the machine is so old i can't remember what the mainboard is but if it
is software that's at fault I'm happy to rip it apart to help diagnose.

The corollary to this is that an older machine which I retired in favour
of this machine worked fine running OpenBSD 2.9 for a couple of years
and printed just fine too to the same printer with the same cable and
the same printcap entry. Am I missing something?

Is there a certain way the BIOS parallel settings need configuring to
make this work properly?



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