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Just a snip

Sorry Theo, I just can't stay quiet listening to that:

> "Seu futuro vale menos que minha urina, seu escremento de mula"

> If you cannot afford the strenght of my words, probable OpenBSD is not
> a place to cowards like you!

Coward is someone that says a sentence like that in another language, in
a way not to reveal publically what it means. Or is it just the limit of
your mental capacity, that turns you unable to do such a thing ?

The above sentence, written in portuguese, translates to:

"Your future is less worth than my pee, you mule shit."

You wish. Time will shamelessly show us the truth, we will see. But for
now, what turns to be utterly visible is your huge lack of argumentative
faculties. And it's really a pity there aren't books teaching that . . .

In order to make this e-mail more concise, I will finish it
with a quote from you, Gustavo:

> I understood nothing about what i said!

Heh, I'm afraid that you're absolutely right.

Oh, I hope that it's pretty clear that I'm writing this to answer an
offense that has been made to me. Gustavo, if you're going to make new
ones, please do so off-list. Shouldn't be difficult for you, I suppose.