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Re: nVidia hardware

Quoting Vonleigh Simmons (nospam_(_at_)_illusionart_(_dot_)_com):
> >Cheap desktopps:
> >http://www.dell.com/us/en/bsd/products/series_dimen_desktops.htm for
> >starting from $349.
> Their starting price is very misleading. I followed that link, chose 
> I configured a decent box (a bit more ram, etc.) and it came up at 
> over 800 bucks.
> >Oh and you don't have to put them together yourself using retail parts
> >(which we all know are not the best quality).
> 	Unfortunately that is true, but the box you end up with is much 
> cheaper and if anything goes wrong you can replace it. Most parts you 
> can get with 1-3 year warranties too; good luck dealing with each 
> company though.

Yeah, cause I want a Dell with an ATX connector that's not wired
ATX and other proprietary crap.  PC desktops 's are COMMODITY
hardware.  That means that, generally, I can build a solid, quality
machine by being selective and drawing on experience to not get
"Joe Bob's House of RAM DIMMS" and using the PS that came with the

For servers?  I generally want multiple PCI busses, hot swap
disks and perhaps support that jumps when I call.  But desktops
and home servers are easy to slap together.  Choose well, do some
burn in and you can do well.

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