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Re: First build question

Hi Eric,

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 14:27, Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine
> Lacking root access, and indifferent to the abandoned work, I re-installed 
> 3.2 from CD1, installed the /usr/src tree from CD3, dhcp'd off my local
> ip/cdn provider, and anoncvs'd up to the 3_3 tag.
> From the documentation I'd found up to that point, I expected "build" target
> to work pretty much like the FreeBSD "buildworld" target. It didn't.
> I took a fresh copy of the 3.2 source tree and tried again. Nope.
> I haven't found the document I should have. Where should I be looking?
> I didn't find it in the FAQ either, and I missed it in the bugs archives.

you should examine the upgrade-minifaq at


and follow these guidelines very close.

If that still gives you some errors, give us the complete show:

what you did, where exactly occurs the error and what is the error along
with your system's info such as dmesg.



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