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Re: simple curiousity -> broadcom hardware

I have an ASUS A78VX mainboard ("sound SPDIF version") and 
the Broadcom BCM4401 NIC on it isn't supported by OpenBSD:

Sorry for sending this information multiple times to the list
but I wish someone would tell me that the NIC and the sound chip 
at that mainboard don't work with OpenBSD before I bought it...

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 01:07:00AM -0600, jared r r spiegel wrote:
>   for those who have used broadcomm NICs and/or anything
>   from broadcomm, what has been your experience as to the
>   quality of the hardware/components ?
>   i ask as i encounter their "bcm v.92" modem on a quasi-daily
>   basis in the context of supporting dialup customers.
>   most often a "new dell" with the "bcm v.92" or a "new gateway [2000]"
>   with the re-branded "gtw v.92" modem ( as seen in modem.cpl in
>   win32 ).
>   to ~briefly cite my first-hand encounters with them acting poorly:
>   ( outside of hearing them not be able to handshake their way out
>     of a wet paper bag, quite often )