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Re: SysKonnect SK-9821 v2

On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Kevin wrote:

> Howdy.
> I was wondering if anyone on the list has a system
> with a SysKonnect 9821 version 2 card running with
> OpenBSD?  The version 2 was released sometime in
> February or March of this year and I know very little
> about it other than it is about $350 less than the
> version 1 and is a replacement for their EOL'ed
> Broadcom based adapters.  My guess is that it is not
> supported since I don't see any mention of it in the
> SK man page or on the list in the past.  I am just
> hoping there is some experience out there.  If they
> don't work and no developers have the v2 cards in
> hand, I would like to help them acquire one or more of
> them.
> Thanks,

I believe that some of these cards were provided to OpenBSD developers but
a quick check in WebCVS,
, doesn't show support for the cards.