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Re: VPN OBsd 3.2 and Freeswan on Red Hat

List all the things you have done to configure it and done to troubleshoot it. 
Did you read the related man pages and faq on for both openbsd ipsec and 

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 04:31 pm, Marcos Marconcini wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I am trying to establish a VPN between my OpenBsd 3.2 firewall and gateway 
> (I have ADSL with dinamic IP, Is that a problem?) and Red Hat router using
> freeswan. I read some how to's, but a I can not start the vpn. I don't know
> if i am writting correctly the isakmpd.conf and .policy. Please! can any
> body help me!??!?? :)
> Thanks,
> Marcos Marconcini


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