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Re: Seeking more hardware advice

I have used a bunch of Dell notebooks without any problems. I have not
used  any IBM notebooks in a while. I can't stand the little

I've have two Thinkpads running OpenBSD. I love the "mouse-track-joystick-thingy" aka trackpoint aka pencil-eraser. ;-) But that's totally a matter of personal preference. I've run OpenBSD up to 3.3 on both my Thinkpad 570 and on my T30. Most everything works... video, sound, most apm functions, and the built-in 10/100 port on the T30. The built-in lucent winmodems on both models don't work though (as far as I know anyway). OpenBSD plays nice with the docking station for the 570, too.

That said, I've also run OpenBSD happily on some Dell's... Latitude CPx's. Everything minus winmodem worked great on those, too. I just like IBM's more: personal preference.


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