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OBSD, Postfix and SpamAssassin

Morning Folks,
Well, after beating my head againist the wall, I figure it's time to seek some help.
I have been following the whitepaper over at Advosys on configuring Postfix with SpamAssassin for a new mail server I am setting up. http://www.advosys.ca/papers/postfix-filtering.html
Everything installs okay and seems to work until I try and get my Postfix to load the new changes after I add the following to my main.cf file:

# Spam Assassin and Filtering stuff
smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
          check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/filtered_domains

once I add the above I get the following error:
Jul 21 10:52:00 gryphon postfix/smtpd[26616]: fatal: open database /etc/postfix/filtered_domains.db: No such file or directory
Jul 21 10:52:01 gryphon postfix/master[24833]: warning: process /usr/libexec/postfix/smtpd pid 26616 exit status 1

within /etc/postfix I have the following file:

my default_database_type returns:
default_database_type = hash

I am not sure at this point if this is an OBSD issue, or a Postfix issue. If anyone on the list has successfully configure OBSD with Postfix and SpamAssassin, I'd love to pick your brain.

Cheers and thanx in advance folks,