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Re: OpenBSD 3.2-stable -> 3.3-stable

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 18:16:36 -0400 Nick Holland <nick_(_at_)_holland-consulting_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

> acc_(_at_)_anthonychavez_(_dot_)_org wrote:
>> The impression that I get from the MiniFAQ is that for W^X support, I
>> need to install a snapshot, 
> yup.
>> which means switching to -current, no?  
> Which *is* the point of the "Upgrading ______FROM______ 3.3" part.

That was my first guess, but it seemed way too logical.  Thank you for
confirming my suspicions.  It's all ~clear~ now. ;-)

> Don't make me use <blink></blink>.


>> What
>> should I do if I want to simply upgrade my 3.2-stable box to 3.3-stable?
> Upgrade using 3.3-release.

So I should, e.g., create a 3.3-release floppy, boot, choose (U)pgrade,
then rebuild from source?

> Don't bother trying to do it by source.  You will not succeed.

That's been my experience.

> (COULD you?  Of course.  Is it simple?  HECK NO.  It would take AT
> LEAST one intermediate step, and probably a second intermediate
> build.)

No thank you.

> Read the "Upgrading ____from 3.2____" for what you need to change in
> /etc for upgrading from 3.2 (imagine that 8-) to 3.3 along with
> upgrading using -release.  "Upgrading _from 3.3_" has nothing to do
> with your project, you want to upgrade TO 3.3...

Understood.  Just getting a little ahead of myself I suppose. ;-)

> You will not get the W^X support in 3.3-stable.  It is in -current,
> and will be in 3.4-release.

I look forward to it.

> Nick.
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