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Re: mount_ext2fs: Input/Output error

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On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 11:14:28 +0200 (MET DST) Piotr wrote:

> Hello!
> I've just installed OpenBSD 3.3 and I tried to mount my older Linux
> disk with ext2fs on it, but mount command failed. I did check that
> disk with e2fsck (including badblocks) before. It detected 1 bad
> block, but the file system has been fixed successfully, and Linux
> doesn't have any problems with it.
> # mount -t ext2fs -r /dev/sd0c /linux
> mount_ext2fs: /dev/sd0c on linux: Input/output error
> Disk configuration as seen from Linux (Slackware 8.0, kernel; 2.2.19):
> sda1 - root partition /
> sda2 - swap
> hda - kernel can "see" it. There is OpenBSD (not mounted)
>  there.
> Disk configuration as seen from OpenBSD
> /dev/wd0a .. /dev/wd0h - OpenBSD partitions
> /dev/sd0 - SCSI disk with Linux
> How can I know which Linux partition is which in OpenBSD?
> mount tells that /dev/sd0a is not configured. The same with others
> except/dev/sd0c.
> I use GENERIC kernel.
> I attach the dmesg output and "fdisk sd0" output. I hope this shall
> help. Perhaps there is a FAQ or manual page which would help me, but I
> couldn't find any.
> Best regards
> Piotr Kolaczkowski