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Re: pf for packet data?

On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 05:42 PM, Ted Unangst wrote:
if you want to do it, use bpf. pf.conf syntax would be like
pass filter myfilter1. then a new ioctl to attach bpf programs to the
named filters. you can either have pfctl use pcap_compile to convert the
rest of the line into a bpf program, or another program.

Okay, I read the bpf man, pcap man, and the pf.conf man (for the thousandth time).
What are these "filters" you mention in pf, that I could attach a bpf program to?

this would be no more work than hard coding "byte X matches value Y" type
rules, and far more flexible.

flexibility is essential.

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