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cvs - no space left on device?

hi all,

i run cvs in crontab on my OBSD -current box, with the followed entry. 

30  13	*  *  *  cd /usr && /usr/bin/cvs -Q up -Pd src  
30  15  *  *  *	 cd /usr && /usr/bin/cvs -Q up -Pd ports 

it worked fine before. but i got error messages from src update cron 
daemon these days. ( ports update works fine so far. )

No space left on device
? src/ports.tar.gz
? src/song33.mp3
? src/ls.patch
? src/GENERIC.org
? src/magic

what's the problem, in face i have enough space on src partion (/usr/src)

Filesystem    Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd2a     116M  44.6M  65.7M    40%    /
/dev/sd2d     484M   2.7M   457M     1%    /tmp
/dev/sd2g     3.2G   2.1G   972M    69%    /usr
/dev/sd2e     116M   7.3M   103M     7%    /var
/dev/wd0a     7.7G   3.7G   3.6G    51%    /pub
/dev/wd0d    10.8G   5.4G   4.8G    53%    /opt
/dev/wd1a    18.5G   8.7G   8.9G    49%    /data
/dev/sd0a    16.6G   6.3G   9.5G    40%    /sd0
/dev/sd1a    16.6G   8.0G   7.8G    51%    /sd1

could anybody tell me why it complained no space anymore? and how to solve
it? thanks in advance.


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